We are looking for talented people to fill various roles within the studio.  Major7th Games is a virtual company, which means you’ll be working remotely from the comfort of your home. Pants or no pants, you do you. At the moment, we are in the process of trying to scrounge up some funding, so please submit your portfolios and CVs for future reference. However, if you are an experienced industry professional (with a few shipped titles under your belt in a senior position) and find the Nyx IP a fascinating place to flex your immense talent, we’d love to discuss working together with further contractual incentives. This entails art direction, project management/production, lead programmers (experience with large-scale multiplayer projects), sound direction, lead technical artists, and so on. Please get in touch!

If you can cover multiple roles during the early days, that would be a huge plus.

Please send your applications (must include a CV, portfolio, and your usual, non-discounted rate to help guide the budget) to jobs(at) Looking forward to hearing from you!



We’re looking for concept artists who absolutely love sci-fi. The Nyx universe is all about experimentation, so we’d love for you to get a little weird. We’re talking about spaceships modeled after sea creatures; interior designs that forego the typical cold, metal look of spaceships for more luxurious living spaces (but based on the personality of the ship’s owner/faction); and so much juicy technology and architecture that need your skills to come alive.


Can you convert concept art into stunning game-ready 3D models? Does sculpting, re-topology, and texturing come to you naturally? Do you love all things sci-fi? Then we’d love to hear from you! We’ll be needing as many characters, weapons, spaceships, and environmental assets as we can afford. 


Help define the personality and feel of the various classes through unique movement animations that can be shared between the various archetypes (light, medium, heavy). How meaty is the Survivor? How twitchy is the Assassin? How fluid is the Explorer? And, how do you make movement as impactful as possible both on the ground and in space? If you feel like you’ve got all the answers, hit us up!


You ideally have a complete grasp of Niagara in UE4 and can do some fancy vertex shader work. Nyx is going to make use of plenty of holograms for gameplay, decoration, and emotes. There’s also a ton of work to be done on weapon effects, explosions, and so on.


Yes, these are often considered two different yet interconnected fields, but do you have experience in both to create a smooth, clean, and robust experience? We need someone who can bring some creativity to the menus and in-game HUD elements and achieve a consistent visual style for the project.

Art Direction

Do you have a strong vision for sci-fi worlds and happen to be looking for an exciting new challenge? You will help establish and guide the project’s art direction. This will be a lead position, so a few years of experience in a senior role is an absolute must. We would love to hear from you and see what kind of agreement we can come to for your help.

We are looking for programmers who have experience working on multiplayer games, especially in regards to setting up a robust backend. The main focus will be on implementing the core networking functionality (player accounts, authentication, parties, matchmaking, player inventories, and so on) and gameplay framework (Gameplay Abilities, improving the class system, smoothing out the rough edges, new modes, anti-cheat, recording stats for the player, progression systems, etc).



You must have experience with implementing a hosted multiplayer title, which includes backend functionality (accounts, anti-cheat, dedicated server management, matchmaking, etc) and creating the systems that link these services together. You will help create and maintain these elements. If you have been keeping up with the Epic Online Services SDK, that’s another big help.


You must have a complete grasp of UE4’s networking, gameplay abilities system (GAS), and related systems in C++. You will assist with creating and maintaining gameplay systems such as: classes, abilities, weapons, game modes, movement (further overhauling the character movement component), and more. This may also include rewriting Blueprint scripts in C++ in certain cases. If you have experience in all areas of multiplayer development, that’s a huge plus!


Do you consider yourself great at everything? You ideally know how to work with pretty much every system in UE4, from UMG to animation and gameplay. You should have a great grasp of C++, but aren’t afraid to jump into Blueprints where it makes sense. You will assist multiple departments in implementing their various assets and systems and be ready to jump on any required task.


Not currently the core focus during these early stages, but we would definitely be interested in hearing from you for future reference. We’ll be needing someone who can create a robust 3D navigation system for AI agents, capable of navigating around complex environments with shifting gravity. A fun challenge for sure!

An immersive soundscape is absolutely essential for Project Nyx! We’ll be needing sound engineers who know their way around the latest audio techniques to really nail the atmosphere and create a believable and readable audio experience. Full 360-degree positional audio is going to be a requirement (to ensure players are being fed accurate positional info in zero-g), so we’ll need to discuss the best approach to this.

The soundscape changes depending on whether players are inside a gravity zone or out in space. Every class and weapon should have unique audio effects to make it easier to distinguish them from one another.

We also need to figure out the game’s soundtrack! Got some ideas for the music of the future?



Can you perfectly capture the sound of space? Wait, that’s just silence. How about a weird machine-learning approximated simulation of sound based on observed environmental stimuli? Yeah, that’s better. It could just be a filter on top of the normal game sound effects, or you could get really creative with it. We need your talent to make an incredible soundscape. You’ll be responsible for creating meaty weapon fire/ explosion sounds, foley, atmospheric clips, voice over clips, and all kinds of funky sci-fi audio waves. How does manipulating gravity sound to an AI that can detect it? If you know the answer, drop us an email!


We need the finest sci-fi tunes from a musical genius such as yourself. If you can imagine what music might sound like in the distant future, then we’d love to chat. We’ll need a cinematic and uplifting main theme (the wonders of space exploration, immortality, and endless potential), epic sci-fi battle music that can seamlessly kick it up a notch or dile it down during certain gameplay moments (time running out, game mode-specific moments, player going on a rampage, etc), and numerous other tracks that fit the Nyx universe as the game expands.

Running a business while trying to make a game is difficult, so we need some more businessy people on board to keep everything together. The ideal candidate is someone who can wrangle the various elements of production, business, and project management, but isn’t afraid to offer some creative input and have their say about the game’s design. We’re all creatives in the end! 



We need your expertise to properly organise, manage, and budget the project. You will play a key role in defining a reasonable scope, creating milestones, recruiting and overseeing team members, providing daily correspondence and guidance to the team, managing timelines, suggesting avenues for improvement, and so on. You must be creative and willing to add your voice to the project and inspire others to use their talents.